Card The Zeroth

Card The First


(click and drag to swipe

left and right)

Card The Second


(You can scroll this card vertically

to see more content!)

Card The Third

Card The Fourth

Card The Fifth

Card The Sixth

Card The Seventh

Card The Eighth

Total number of cards

Width of a single card

The card initially visible through

the viewport, 0 through n

(don't change unless you

know what you're doing)

Follow all of these steps!


1) Edit the "cards" state to include however many cards

you want. Make sure they all a) have the same width

and b) border each other:

Right :)

Wrong :(

2) Resize card_container so that its width is equal to the

total width of all your cards.


3) Fill out the values on the right

u73_start u73_end u73_line

direction of drag (don't mess with this)